The Product

Fermentaya indoor fermenter

Fermentaya follows the principle of an bokashi bin. The organic kitchen waste will be fermented by microorganism. All organic kitchen waste can go in – No exceptions.

The process is designed as a continuous one, therefore only one bin is needed. The compost juice flows automatically into a closed tank on the bottom of the bin.

By closing the lid the organic kitchen waste is compressed and microorganism spread on the top starting the fermentation process. Depending on temperature the process takes between 5 to 20days.


  • All organic waste can go in
  • No smell, doesn’t attract fruit flies
  • Easy to handle
  • Appealing & sustainable design
  • Decomposing on balcony & terrace possible. ┬áComposting with limited space possible
  • No need to turn your compost, reducing effort
  • Quick and easy implementation